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I Can No Longer Contain Myself

It’s been about a month since I left Dell. I’ve spent my time off productively, in my opinion, doing things like: building an ARM/oDroid C2 based K8S cluster getting Intel QuickSync/Plex working under Docker on unRaid 6 remodeling our downstairs bathroom cleaning up my GitHub repos taking my daughters to school and participating as field trip chaperone rebuilding my blog taking my daughters to the Maker Faire Of course, in that time period, I’ve been looking for a new challenge.

Starting Over

I’ve had some time recently due to a change in circumstances to clean up some parts of my personal life. I’ve started eating better, working out more, and cleaning up my blog. To that end, I’ve moved some old, unrelated to current work posts out of my primary blog. You can still find them all in raw form on Github. With it comes a new theme, generator and hosting. More on that later.

Goodbye Always Makes My Throat Hurt

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end” — Semisonic It’s that time for me. I came to EMC thinking that I would come work for Chad and JT and the vSpecialists (#Team06 FTW) for about 18 mos, cause some trouble and probably be asked to leave and go back to startup land. Exactly (to the day) 6 years later my time as come to do that. I’ve done so much cool stuff here.

Fun Stuff in Tokyo

I recently went to Tokyo to present at a Dell EMC Forum and deliver a cloud native training class (which is open source - check it out). I had a truly awesome time, and want to share some of the spots I loved and tips I learned. We had a truly incredible experience at a sake bar called Ganko Oyaji on the edge of the Shinjuku and Shibuya districts. Its maybe a 5 minute walk from Shinjuku station.

A New Stablemate

Last week I noted that I had come to the end of the 3 year lease of my Ford Focus Electric - my first electric car. At the time, I didn’t indicate what replaced it, which is what this post will cover. Requirements: I learned a lot about my needs in the last 3 years. I used that to inform my next set of requirements. 200+ miles range. Range anxiety on an electric car is a real thing.

End of an Era

No - I’m not leaving Dell 😊. 3 years ago I bought my first fully electric car – a 2014 Ford Focus Electric. You can read about my initial impressions, but today is for my final ones, because my 3 year lease is up. I’ve been quite happy with the Focus Electric, overall. Driving Dynamics : I always trusted the car. Like the ICE Focus and the Focuses (Foci?) before it, the Ford Focus Electroc (FFE) has a pretty good, patient, predictable suspension.

12 Factors in the Real World

title: 12 Factors in the Real World date: ‘2016-08-19 15:54:00’ layout: post For those of you that don’t know, Reddit is a pretty major site on the internet. They bill themselves as the ‘front page of the Internet’, and they are#25 for traffic globally. They are based in San Francisco and have about 80 employees, the majority of which focus just on keeping the site alive and performing well.

Do Data Breaches Impact Shareholder Value - A Quick Analysis

I had an interesting chat on twitter today with a friend and colleague Wade O’Harrow. He used to be at a bunch of places, but currently leads the SE team for HyTrust, a security company (yes, thats oversimplifying it). He started the exhange with: Data is growing at exponential rates, and the trend of Corporate data breaches is staggering. still many question the need for protection. and we eventually wandered into the discussion of what data breaches cost shareholders, with Wade making the suggestion that

Being a VCDX Panelist is Anti Community

I’ve been a VCDX since around Sept 2010, when I passed a VCDX3 series of exams and defense. At that time, and today still, community is one of the most important parts (if not the most important parts) of the program. I know that if I get a request from a fellow VCDX, its probably important and worth considering in its fullest. Thats why a recent email from the VCDX Program Manager (who runs the program afterMark Brunstad left VMware) has me very concerned.